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Manufacturers of UPVC Back Entrance Doors

UPVC back entrance doors are very similar in design and construction to UPVC front doors. The main difference tends to be in the greater use of glass in the panel of a back door, and the preference for a higher level of decoration for the front door, this being the showpiece of the house.

Whilst a front entrance door will often open into a hall way, a back entrance door usually opens into a kitchen, where the requirement for light is greater. The UPVC Door Store back door range has a selection of fully glazed and half glazed UPVC back doors. Please visit UPVC Back Door Range.

Our UPVC Doors Cut To Size & Pre-Hung – Simple For Installation

All of the made to measure doors manufactured by UPVC Door Store are supplied to you pre-hung in their frame. This is a very important consideration to bear in mind when buying a front or back entrance door online. We are one of the few online door sales companies who supply the door pre-hung and ready to fit. Most online suppliers will supply you with an oversize door panel which then needs to be cut to size by your door fitter, using specialist tools. This involves you in additional cost and inconvenience in replacing your entrance door.

Experienced UPVC Door Manufacturers & Installers

At UPVC Door Store we are vastly experienced UPVC door and window manufacturers and installers and we could tell you some real horror stories about damage done to UPVC doors when attempting to cut panels to size during installation on site……!

UPVC Back Entrance DoorsImportant Lock & Security Considerations

As experienced UPVC window and door installers, we have been out to more than our share of emergency call outs to attend to damaged doors caused by attempted forced entry by burglars.

When burglars see a UPVC door they usually move on to an easier target, as they know of the structural strength of a UPVC door (see UPVC Door Locks & Security) and the greater locking security that the construction of a UPVC door allows (see UPVC Door Locks & Security).

In our experience, a far greater proportion of burglaries and break-ins are attempted through the back door rather than the front door of a house. This may seem to be a logical and obvious conclusion. Never the less, we feel that we should emphasise this point and draw your attention to the criticality of having a really strong, solid well constructed back door, with a highly secure locking system. This is exactly what we offer you at UPVC Door Store. We have seen cheaper doors than ours – but none of them compare to ours when it comes to offering customers security and peace of mind.


Made to Measure UPVC Back Entrance Doors. Pre-Hung External Doors for Simple & Easy Installation. Manufactured with Pre-Cut Door Panels. Back Doors are Burglars Prime Target. Ensure High Security Locking Systems on Your UPVC Front & Back Entrance Doors, Avoid, Protect Against Break-ins.