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SM Garden Sheds would like to thank our friends and web partners at UPVC Door Store for allowing us the space to promote our great range of garden storage products on their website.  

With over 30 years experience in the business, smgardensheds.com are one of the leading on-line retailers of garden sheds, garages and outdoor building for the UK.

Sheds and Workshops

A shed is just shed but a workshop is a place to create.

Okay, a shed is more than “just a shed” – a shed has an identity, a style, a presence. It is a highly versatile storage space without which any garden would be sadly lacking. A shed is a home for the lawnmower, the place where the spade lives, a repository for bags of compost, for half-used tins of paint, for planting canes, plant pots, roof racks, bike racks... It is hard to imagine where we would be without the humble shed.

But a workshop...

Every man who has ever held a power tool has dreamt of a workshop, and in workshops dreams come alive. Projects are started in workshops, furniture is built, classic cars are restored, inventions are made. From James Dyson to Dr Frankenstein, workshops are where the great work happens. There is nothing humble about the workshop.

Summerhouses and Garages

In the age of the modern rust proof car, cars do not need garages. Not really. Perhaps a garage would be useful for a sports car or soft top. A garage offers added security for motorbikes and scooters. And a garage is also great for storage but in towns across Britain the garage has already been converted into a workshop, a gym or a... shed. Sad but true.

smgardensheds.com sell some amazing sheds. Timber sheds, metal sheds and plastic sheds. We also offer a wonderful line in summerhouses and outdoor offices, in stunning designs and built to the highest standards. Take the 16x14 Gyles Timber Summerhouse, for example. Constructed using the highest quality joinery, this Georgian style structure features draught sealed opening windows, an inset door and an integral veranda. The Gyles lends itself perfectly to use as an external office, a games room, a gym or a luxury summerhouse.

When it comes to workshops, however, many of our customers opt for metal garages when they see the choice on offer.

The Emerald Olympian Garage

The Emerald Olympian Garage

Highly popular for its solid build and its all round versatility, the Emerald Olympian is a superbly engineered 12 ft fronted garage with a standard length of 20 feet and a generous 2.1m of height. It has an up and over front sliding door and rear side door. Made from hot-dipped galvanised steel and powder-coated panelled walls The Emerald Olympian is a building of style and substance. One of the great design features of the Emerald is that it has a portal frame option allowing the whole structure to be increased in size with 6 ft modular extensions. At smgardensheds.com we have supplied Emerald Olympian Garages of lengths of over 50 feet. 



The Duramax Vinyl Garage

An alternative to the Olympian is the Duramax. The Duramax is a 10 foot fronted, steel framed, PVC clad structure, which can be extended by 2 foot lengths with the addition of modular extensions. It includes a foundation kit, ramps and a window as standard. Large double doors at the front and a courtesy side access door allow for easy access and the light cream finish of the vinyl walls gives an attractive aspect to a building that will require a minimum of maintenance during its long life.

Timber SHedTraditional Timber Workshops

For the traditionalist, smgardensheds.com are happy to offer a great selection of purpose built workshops, such as the XL Heavy Duty Timber Workshop, available in sizes up to 18x10 feet. Beautifully crafted, light and spacious, our timber workshops are built to last.

With hundreds of sheds, garages and workshops to choose from we are confident you will find the space you are looking for.

And as a small reminder, SM Garden Sheds also supply timber sheds, metal sheds, uPVC and plastic sheds, secure metal storage boxes, purpose designed bike sheds, garden seating, arbors, swing seats, compost bins, cushion stores, summer houses, shelving and skylights. We even have a great choice of rabbit hutches, dog kennels and cat cabins.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery is free to most areas of the UK. Check out our website for details.

SM Garden Sheds also offer a very affordable installation service for all our products. For information on this or for anything else feel free to contact us at any time.   

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