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UPVC Doors – Steel Reinforced Construction & Security Locking

Steel Reinforced UPVC Doors – Avoid Break-Ins

Due to the way they are manufactured, UPVC doors provide a greater level of security than traditional wooden doors. UPVC doors have a core of galvanised steel, making them extremely difficult to break down. Also, they cannot be forced in the same way as a traditional wooden door. Most UPVC doors are built as anti-crowbar doors, meaning they cannot be jimmied open by an intruder the way that traditional wooden doors could. Most burglars are aware of the construction strength of UPVC doors and knowing how hard a break-in will be, will usually move on in search of an easier target.

The intrinsic strength of a well made UPVC door resists burglary by forced entry and deters many intruders from even trying to gain access – but this does not make them impenetrable. It is therefore important to have a high quality locking system on your UPVC door.

UPVC Door Manufacturers – Thicker Profiles

Whilst the steel reinforced core is common to most UPVC doors, the thickness of the profile varies considerably. The outer wall of a UPVC Door Store door is 3mm thick. This can be as much as double the thickness of some of the cheaper UPVC doors on the market. As you would expect, a 3mm thick UPVC door represents a much greater challenge to intruders than a door half the thickness.

UPVC Door Store doors are also constructed to have 4 chambers. This feature is primarily to maximise the doors thermal properties – see Benefits of UPVC Doors. However an additional benefit of the 4 chamber construction is that the door is more substantial and burglar resistant than most other UPVC doors on the market.

UPVC Door Manufacture – 5 Point Multi-Locking Systems

UPVC door profiles enable multipoint locks to be fitted. Simply, this means that there are several locking points on the door, as opposed to one with a traditional door. The Safeware 8 lock in fact has a 5 point lock & latch system.

The Safeware locks are configured to give anti-lift protection, i.e. protection against forced entry through attempts to jimmy open the door.

The Safeware 8 locks used on our UPVC doors have a linear compression bolt motion. This gives a smooth operation, easier lock engagement and greater security than a conventional roller & bolt door lock. Built using stainless steel components, the Safeware 8 locks have excellent durability and corrosion resistance.

Features of Safeware 8 UPVC Door Locks

  • Assist door compression with maximum security
  • Provide extra security at the centre of the door
  • Unique hook & linear bolt combination locking points
  • 5 point lock & latch system
  • Counter-opposing security bolts for anti-lift protection
  • Meets Police approved Secured by Design specification
  • 10 year mechanical guarantee

Thwart Break-Ins With Inbuilt Security & UPVC Door Locking Technology

The combination of all of these factors shows you that UPVC Door Store have designed their doors to be high security doors, which will deter and thwart break-in attempts and burglary by would be intruders. The UPVC Door Store door specification represents the leading edge in UPVC door security, giving you protection and peace of mind.

You should not expect anything like this level of robust construction, security and locking technology from the cheaper UPVC doors.

UPVC Front & Back Entrance Door Security Features. Steel Reinforced Core Construction. 3mm outer Wall, 4 Chamber Construction, 5 Point Multi-Locking System. Anti-Lift Protection. Police Approved Secured by Design Specification. UK Manufactured UPVC Doors.