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Made to measure UPVC Replacement Doors from UPVC Door Store


Made to measure UPVC Replacement Doors from UPVC Door StoreIf you have ever tried to decorate a room, even one that looks absolutely spot on and perfectly even, you will know that looks can be extremely deceiving! There are not many homes which can boast precision when it comes to walls, floors and ceilings and there is usually
a substantial amount of fitting square pegs into round holes going on. Many older properties are the worst offenders as anyone with a spirit level will quickly discover, with measurements being millimetres, centimetres or even inches out.

When replacing doors and windows in any property, a professional result may seem unobtainable due to new, modern products being
difficult to fit into existing rooms and walls. This highly frustrating fact can be overcome however. With bespoke made-to-measure doors
from UPVC Door Store, and a bit of care and attention, a satisfactory and attractive outcome can be gained every time.

Profile 22 Quality UPVC Front & Back Doors

The market is flooded with inferior quality UPVC products including doors and windows, leading to inevitable disappointment for the unwary buyer. Low quality means a flimsy product, lacking in strength, that will give when forced. This is a huge security concern, as locking systems on these doors are unlikely to be up to standard also. Less superior products will frequently discolour, giving a less than impressive effect to the overall impact of your home.

We use renowned Profile 22 , 70mm fully sculptured virgin grade UPVC profile, for our UPVC doors. These products are manufactured in our Essex factory, using state of the art processes, and are guaranteed for 10 years, against things like discolouration.

Secured By Design Police Approved Locking Systems

It pays to go with a name you can trust and UPVC Door Store, are proof of this, our satisfied customers give us lots of positive feedback about our products and services. We offer a wide choice of doors including standard UPVC double glazed doors, UPVC bevelled exterior doors, UPVC decorative exterior doors and UPVC back doors.

All of our doors are fitted with Safeware 8, 5 point lock and latch systems, meeting police approved, secured by design specifications. The secured by design scheme was created by the Association of Chief Police Officers, in an effort to encourage crime reduction efforts. Products are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the high security standards needed to deter and withstand burglary attempts.

Sale – Price Reductions on UPVC Replacement Exterior Doors

Made to measure UPVC Replacement Doors from UPVC Door StoreIt gets better with the news that not only does UPVC Door Store offer its high grade doors at competitive trade prices, but has regular sales, reducing prices even further! You can now benefit from a brand new made to measure, high quality, secure, galvanised steel reinforced,
UPVC door for even less.

Replacing your exterior doors with our UPVC doors, will give you an attractive, secure, thermally efficient and warmer home. Our doors come pre-hung in their own bespoke frames needing no cutting or awkward adjusting, and a fitting kit is available to purchase for DIY installation. We are on hand with help or answers should you need us.


Made -to measure UPVC Replacement Double Glazed Doors from UPVC Door Store. Manufactured Virgin Grade UPVC, Profile 22 Quality UPVC Bespoke, Front & Back Doors. Galvanised Steel Reinforced, Secured By Design Police Approved Locking Systems. Safeware 8, 5 Point Multi Point Locking Systems, for Heightened Security. Sale – Price Reductions on UPVC Replacement Exterior Doors.