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UPVC Doorstore Manufacture and supply a wide range of UPVC made to measure replacement front and back doors. With a wonderful selection of designs on offer, customers will find the perfect high security doors for their home, whether its bevelled, coloured glass, leaded designs or standard styles. These doors are incredibly strong and robust with thicker profiles and 5 point multi locking systems, making them an extremely popular choice with our customers. We use a superior quality 70mm fully sculptured ‘A’ grade UPVC profile, extruded by renowned Profile 22 Systems in Telford.

PVC is one of the most widely used materials in our world today due to its versatility and ability to be utilised perfectly in a number of ways such as flooring, packaging, cables, window and door systems, leisure, pipes and tensile roofs.

The British Plastics Federation [BPF] Vinyls Group, have produced a leaflet, outlining 12 benefits of PVC as a consumer material. The list is a result of research and findings about PVC conducted over the last few years, and confirms its positive elements and role as a cost effective material.

A compact version of the list looks like this:-

1. PVC has been deemed safe and is used ahead of most other materials for functions like storing live human blood cells. Europe has also approved PVC for use around food and medical equipment.

2. PVC is easy to process and is strong and long lasting, ideal for construction projects and other varied applications.

3. PVC has an oil content of just 43% and consequently requires less use of fossil fuels to produce than any other commodity plastic.

4. This material consumes less primary energy in its production.

5. PVC has a somewhat low carbon footprint [1.9kg] as opposed to many other products and materials like aluminium [10kg], cheese [11kg] or lamb [14kg].

6. A better cost to performance value compared to many other materials is another feature of PVC.

7. PVC can be found in 75% of BFRC ‘A’ rated thermally efficient window profiles.

8. Studies like the energy rating system revision in 2008 by the British Research Establishment for the Green Guide, reported positively on PVC.

9. PVC is totally recyclable and each new post recycle life sees a further reduced carbon footprint. Each year across Europe, over 300,000 tonnes of post consumer PVC is recycled, which will have risen to 800,000 by 2020.

10. Producers of PVC are constantly striving to make improvements, as has been demonstrated by the phasing out of heavy metal additives in 2010, resulting in a more eco-friendly material.

11. New technologies within the industry have seen exciting advances with new sustainability programmes like VinylPlus.

12. PVC based materials were sited at the 2012 Olympic games, to be the only materials which satisfied health and safety requirements. It was utilised in areas such as seating, piping, cabling, flooring, barriers and sports equipment.

As you can see UPVC is a great choice for many products and functions around the home, which is why the team UPVC Doorstore are delighted to offer our excellent range.

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