New & Replacement UPVC Doors – Beat the Winter Rush

For most of us it has been a long hot summer. Days in the garden, trips to the beach and windows open at night to welcome the breeze. We don’t know about you but the central heating has been switched off since April and with a little luck it will stay that way until October.

But at the UPVC Door Store in Essex we know the long range weather forecast – Winter. We’re not willing it here, and we hope it will be a mild one, but we have to admit it’s a busy time of year for us and business is brisk when the cold winds blow.

pansyThe simple fact is good quality UPVC front doors and back doors keep the cold winter winds out. All UPVC exterior doors from the UPVC Door Store bear the European charter EC mark. Our UPVC doors are made to exacting standards using only the best components. Our UPVC front doors are designed to be thermally efficient. Unlike traditional wooden doors, made to measure UPVC front doors and back doors will not warp, shrink or contract. Our UPVC doors are pre-hung in UPVC door frames guaranteeing a draught-proof finish.

The question remains, why wait for the winter? It will be with us soon enough. New and replacement doors from the UPVC Door Store offer so much more than excellent insulation. Our doors are safe, secure and stylish. They come in a whole range of colours and styles to suit every home. Double glazed window panels in modern and classical designs. Bevelled doors, decorative doors, fully glazed and half glazed doors made to order.

Our doors look as good in the autumn as they are effective in the winter. Why wait.

New & Replacement UPVC Doors – Beat the Winter Rush

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