CE Marking, European Harmonisation and UPVC Door Quality

From 1st of July 2013 UPVC doors come under the remit of the harmonisation of European Norms (hENs) as a requirement of the EU Construction Products Regulations (CPR). This allows manufacturers who meet the specific CPR requirements to add the CE Mark (Conformité Européene) to UPVC doors.

Easy … or as they say in France: facile.

If you take away the jargon this isn’t such a bad thing, especially for a company like UPVC Door Store who have built our reputation on the manufacture and supply of top quality UPVC front and back doors at the best possible prices.

If anything, the new legislation doesn’t go far enough.

The purpose of introducing harmonisation of European hens (sic) into double glazing is to introduce consistency of product description and performance. In short, a door must do what a door should do. In the case of a quality double glazed, UPVC door supplied by the UPVC Door Store it should place an emphasis on the security features of the product. It should ensure that we take note of the quality of the components we use in the manufacture of our front doors, back doors, patio doors and French windows. CE marking should demonstrate consistency in the manufacturing process. It should allow fair comparison in the thermal insulation quality between UPVC doors.

UPVC Door Store welcomes anything that drive up standards in the industry. Of course we would say that. UPVC Door Store are happy to be compared to any other manufacturer of made to measure UPVC doors on quality, price or customer service.

And this is where we have to give a warning. CE Marking is not a guarantee of quality. Products with the CE mark do not automatically meet Building Regulations. We would encourage anyone to be cautious of purchasing a new or replacement UPVC front or back door that does not have the CE Mark but the mark of itself does not tell you it is amongst the best on the market. The CE Mark is a self declaration from manufacturers. It is a step in the right direction but UPVC Door Store would still encourage customers to shop carefully and only order top quality UPVC doors from top quality manufacturers.

CE Marking, European harmonisation and UPVC front doors

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