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It is not always possible to buy a standard ‘off the shelf’ exterior door which fits your door opening perfectly, and this can be the case whether you are replacing an old timber door, renovating a property or even in a new build where space may be an issue. Awkwardly sized door openings are more common than you think, and it is often not possible to trim your new standard sized door. A door constructed with a hollow core for instance, is usually edged with an insubstantial piece of timber, meaning the unsightly core could be exposed when planed or trimmed. This not only looks messy but could also weaken the structure, and reduce the longevity of the door. It is normally prohibited to reduce fire doors in this way too, as it renders them inefficient and less effective in their performance.

High quality composite external doors have a number of unique benefits which explain their popularity, including their compatibility with the UK climate. These doors are not adversely affected by the damp and extremely variable atmosphere. This is frequently a welcome relief from the unpredictable aspects of doors made from other materials like timber. Swelling, shrinking and warping is often a reoccurring and frustrating problem with traditional doors, leaving them unattractive, draughty and with deficient security.

UPVC composite doors have for some time been replacing timber external doors due to benefits such as durability, long life, affordability, strength and low maintenance. Your made to measure UPVC composite exterior doors from UPVC Doorstore, are made with quality and security in mind, and are highly customisable. They are available in a wide selection of colours and finishes, and will remain as good as the day they were installed, requiring a simple wash down. Thermal efficiency is a key feature of these UPVC replacement external doors, and our doors are pre-hung in their own frames for a super snug fit. These doors incorporate the latest in door security locking systems, and their construction makes them virtually impossible to break or damage. Unwanted visitors have recognised this fact for a long time and will usually move on to an easier target!

Your new composite entrance doors come in a vast range of wood grained effects to imitate a traditional look, alternatively you might prefer to make a bold statement with one of the vivid non fading colour options.

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Thermally Efficient External Doors, Pre-Hung Custom Doors, Range of Colours & Finishes

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