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Replacement UPVC Doors Add Value to Your Home

Replacing wooden doors with UPVC doors will add value to your property. Wooden doors require regular maintenance and will eventually need replacing. Installing UPVC windows and doors eliminates a considerable amount of costly maintenance work on the exterior of your home.

As you will see in our UPVC Door Products Section there is a huge range of UPVC door styles to choose from. All of these are manufactured by us, at our factory in Basildon, Essex. There are numerous glass options such as coloured decorative patterns, bevelled glass panes and leaded designs.

Origins & Development of UPVC

UPVC is short for unplasticised poly vinyl chloride. Developed initially during the wartime as a substitute for rubber, PVC was used on warplanes and other military equipment. Post war, the versatility of PVC was increasingly recognised and UPVC has now been developed into a widely used material in home building, used in the manufacture of windows, doors, fascias, soffits, gutters and pipework.

When used for these construction applications, UPVC is extruded into profile (lengths) which are reinforced with galvanised steel. This has the effect of making the profile far stronger and resistant to damage or burglars attempts at intrusion – see UPVC Door Security.

When used as a construction material, UPVC contains stabilizers which make it resilient to weathering. It is not a porous, material like wood, so it will not rot and decay. For these reasons it is virtually maintenance free, requiring cleaning but not treating with preservative coatings.

UPVC is now well established as a modern construction material. It is strong, resilient and because UPVC is a poor heat conductor, it has high thermal efficiency, good for heat saving and energy conservation. UPVC Profile manufacturers such as our supplier, Profile 22, are very active in developing recycling techniques, which seek to minimise the amount of waste UPVC that is disposed of in landfill.

Benefits of UPVC Doors

A major advantage of doors manufactured from UPVC is that they are much stronger than traditional wooden doors. The strength of UPVC doors is one of the prime reasons for its widespread use for domestic external front and back doors. See UPVC Door Security for details.

UPVC Doors Do Not Warp

A big problem with wooden doors is warpage. When a wooden door is exposed to damp conditions for long periods it will swell and warp. This works against draught exclusion and security. By contrast, doors manufactured from UPVC are rigid. They are weatherproof and damp proof, maintaining their original shape despite the weather.

UPVC Doors – Insulation Properties

The rigidity of UPVC doors enables the weather strips to work effectively, keeping the heat in and the cold and damp out of your home.

A major benefits of UPVC windows and doors are their energy saving properties. The profiles are rigid and keep their shape. Also UPVC profile is constructed to have a number of chambers in it - you can see them if you look at an end section. These chambers act in a similar way to the space between the panes in your double glazing – they act as a void, between the outside and inside surfaces of the frame. This stops the transfer of heat going out from and cold coming into your home.

Energy Conservation with UPVC Doors

Because the heat retentive properties of UPVC doors, you use less energy and so save on home heating costs. In this respect, doors manufactured from UPVC are also more environmentally friendly than doors made from other materials.

UPVC Doors – Noise Insulation

UPVC windows and doors are also effective for insulation against noise. This can be a considerable bonus, especially for people living in built up urban areas, where traffic levels are high and constant – and so is the noise.

UPVC Doors – Colour Range

One of the factors leading to the popularity of UPVC doors is their availability in a range of colours. White UPVC doors are the cheapest and most popular UPVC doors.  We find that these tend to be popular in some conservation areas.

Growing increasingly popular are brown shades and wood grain foil finishes such as Light Oak, Dark Oak, Light Cherry and Rosewood. On some properties, finishing the house with wood grain UPVC windows and doors sometimes completes the look and is a good investment.

Benefits of UPVC External Front & Back Doors. Weather Resistant, Retain Shape & Rigidity, Thermally Efficient Doors - Do Not Conduct Heat Out Of The Home. UPVC Acts As An Insulator, Conserving Heat Energy, Saving On Home Heating Costs. UPVC Doors Have Security Benefits – Strength & Steel Reinforced Panels & Door Frames. Quality UPVC Door Manufacturer.